Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skeleton Keys and Earrings!

My two favorite fall decor themes are leaves and pumpkins! I found these brilliant leaf stampings and made the coolest earrings yet! Each leaf measures 34mmX32mm. I added a gold glass bicone. This set is $18.

And finally, what many of you have been waiting for! My skeleton key necklaces. I kept them simple. I hand cut the cord, added the clasps, and tied antique skeleton key to each one. Each key is unique and these make GREAT unisex gifts. I can cut the cord length shorter or longer but the majority of these are 16"-20". They are each $12.00.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello one and all! I know many of you have been impatiently waiting for my skeleton key necklaces and they will be added to my Etsy shop this week! They're very simple and very affordable. I'm also coming up with some designs for more elaborate skeleton key necklaces in the near future! But we'll start simple first.

Keep coming back and looking for them! Also, if you heart my shop, I always check out yours!!!


Friday, September 19, 2008

A Couple New Items!

FIND A CURE--- brand spankin' new and hot off the steel block. The picture quality isn't great because I was so eager to get this up that I took the pic tonight instead of waiting for daylight. This is seriously one of my new faves!!!
Total: $20

WOVEN IN GOLD- a custom order for my mom-in-law. These are so incredibly cute on her. When I'm with her I find myself staring at the earrings! I added a gold-tone bicone bead, which will go with just about anything and is PERFECT for the fall! They look a LOT shinier than pictured!
Total: $18

Thursday, September 4, 2008


"Sisters Set"- A pair of necklaces for the two girls in your life! If you have twin girls, I can stamp "TWIN" on each necklace. If you have three girls, I can add "MID SIS" for $12. Total: $30 (for two necklaces)

"Initial Coin"- Small coin necklace, about the size of a dime, with your initials! Get it on a keyring for $3 less. Total: $10

"Sweet 16"- Have a birthday coming up for your sweet 16?! Get her a beautiful necklace to commemorate her young adulthood! Chain not pictured but included. Total: $14

"Crown"- This is a large sterling silver disc with a gorgeous crown charm. Customize with your name or "title" (mother, grandma, princess, queen, etc.). Total: $20


Please Note:
I can do any color awareness ribbon! Don't feel limited to just the pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness. I can do Autism (puzzle), Infant Loss/Miscarriage(blue & pink), Ovarian Cancer (light blue), Childhood Cancer (yellow) just to name a few!

"Survivor"- This is my favorite Awareness Necklace. People who've overcome cancer should be proud to say they are a survivor! Makes a great gift to someone you love, or even to yourself! $20

"Alive With Christ"- Inspired by my mom as well. She died of breast cancer and I know she is ALIVE with CHRIST! This is a pendant to remember those who've died. Customize with any color ribbon. If I don't have the color you need I can get silver ribbons to represent your cause. Total: $16

"Simply Aware"- A simple take on the awareness necklaces. Total: $16


"Bottlecap Earrings"- Right now I only have MR PIBB bottlecaps! If you're interested in other sodas (sorry, no beer) just let me know and I will find them if possible! Might take longer to receive. Total: $6

"Antique Key Earrings"- Each set is unique and may vary from picture (so be sure to ask for options before purchasing). These are actual antique keys. Necklaces will also be available soon. Total: $10

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charm! Buy a pair to match a necklace! Total $8

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charms. Total $8

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charms! Total: $8

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charms! Total: $8

"Leaves on Dew Drops"- Just in time for fall! There is room to stamp a couple words if you so desire, though they look fabulous as is! Total: $19.50

"Butterflies Are Free Earrings"- Inspired by my mom as she always used to say this. Total $8
"Cascade Earrings"- Perfect addition to a necklace! Looks great at parties, under all the lights. $35 (please note: price is high due to the volume of silver used to make these--- for a less expensive version opt to take off the largest silver discs! -$5)


Faith or Dream Pendant with dangling charm (sold separately)! Total: $16

"Love Me"- Rectangle with heart charm! Very simple and cute! Customize with your own words!!! Total: $20

"Eternal Love"- Teardrop shaped silver with shell. Customize with your own words! Total: $25

"Fearfully & Wonderfully Made"- 30MM Sterling Silver with Shell. This is my largest pendant and as always, customizable! Total: $35

Initial Charm- This is a blank silver piece with a coin. Customizable up to 3 letters. Total: $10

"OVERCOMER"- Perhaps my favorite piece! This is a copper oval and it clasps in front. Customize with your own phrase! Total: $20


"Made In U.S." Dog Tag! This makes me laugh every time!!! Choose between girl or boy charm. Total: $20

Single boy or girl charm with up to FOUR letters. Total: $16 - to add more charms $5 each

For all of you breastfeeding or AP moms! A necklace that lets the world know you're not ashamed to tote your tot. "Baby Wearer" necklace! Choose between girl or boy charm. Total: $25

"I'm Pregnant" Pendant has a beautiful shell background (-$5 if you prefer it without shell). Total: $30

"Children-n-Charm" Pendant is customizable up to three names/charms. Total: $30

Copper Pendant with Silver Child Charm. Customize it with a name on the copper or with an initial (up to four letters) on the child charm! Total: $12

"DUE IN" Pendant is customizable to the month your baby is due! Perfect gift for a new expectant parent. Total: $16

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me at! Please note that each pendant design is priced separately.
Designed by Lena