Thursday, September 4, 2008


Please Note:
I can do any color awareness ribbon! Don't feel limited to just the pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness. I can do Autism (puzzle), Infant Loss/Miscarriage(blue & pink), Ovarian Cancer (light blue), Childhood Cancer (yellow) just to name a few!

"Survivor"- This is my favorite Awareness Necklace. People who've overcome cancer should be proud to say they are a survivor! Makes a great gift to someone you love, or even to yourself! $20

"Alive With Christ"- Inspired by my mom as well. She died of breast cancer and I know she is ALIVE with CHRIST! This is a pendant to remember those who've died. Customize with any color ribbon. If I don't have the color you need I can get silver ribbons to represent your cause. Total: $16

"Simply Aware"- A simple take on the awareness necklaces. Total: $16

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