Friday, September 19, 2008

A Couple New Items!

FIND A CURE--- brand spankin' new and hot off the steel block. The picture quality isn't great because I was so eager to get this up that I took the pic tonight instead of waiting for daylight. This is seriously one of my new faves!!!
Total: $20

WOVEN IN GOLD- a custom order for my mom-in-law. These are so incredibly cute on her. When I'm with her I find myself staring at the earrings! I added a gold-tone bicone bead, which will go with just about anything and is PERFECT for the fall! They look a LOT shinier than pictured!
Total: $18

Thursday, September 4, 2008


"Sisters Set"- A pair of necklaces for the two girls in your life! If you have twin girls, I can stamp "TWIN" on each necklace. If you have three girls, I can add "MID SIS" for $12. Total: $30 (for two necklaces)

"Initial Coin"- Small coin necklace, about the size of a dime, with your initials! Get it on a keyring for $3 less. Total: $10

"Sweet 16"- Have a birthday coming up for your sweet 16?! Get her a beautiful necklace to commemorate her young adulthood! Chain not pictured but included. Total: $14

"Crown"- This is a large sterling silver disc with a gorgeous crown charm. Customize with your name or "title" (mother, grandma, princess, queen, etc.). Total: $20


Please Note:
I can do any color awareness ribbon! Don't feel limited to just the pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness. I can do Autism (puzzle), Infant Loss/Miscarriage(blue & pink), Ovarian Cancer (light blue), Childhood Cancer (yellow) just to name a few!

"Survivor"- This is my favorite Awareness Necklace. People who've overcome cancer should be proud to say they are a survivor! Makes a great gift to someone you love, or even to yourself! $20

"Alive With Christ"- Inspired by my mom as well. She died of breast cancer and I know she is ALIVE with CHRIST! This is a pendant to remember those who've died. Customize with any color ribbon. If I don't have the color you need I can get silver ribbons to represent your cause. Total: $16

"Simply Aware"- A simple take on the awareness necklaces. Total: $16


"Bottlecap Earrings"- Right now I only have MR PIBB bottlecaps! If you're interested in other sodas (sorry, no beer) just let me know and I will find them if possible! Might take longer to receive. Total: $6

"Antique Key Earrings"- Each set is unique and may vary from picture (so be sure to ask for options before purchasing). These are actual antique keys. Necklaces will also be available soon. Total: $10

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charm! Buy a pair to match a necklace! Total $8

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charms. Total $8

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charms! Total: $8

"Silver Circle Earrings"- with bead charms! Total: $8

"Leaves on Dew Drops"- Just in time for fall! There is room to stamp a couple words if you so desire, though they look fabulous as is! Total: $19.50

"Butterflies Are Free Earrings"- Inspired by my mom as she always used to say this. Total $8
"Cascade Earrings"- Perfect addition to a necklace! Looks great at parties, under all the lights. $35 (please note: price is high due to the volume of silver used to make these--- for a less expensive version opt to take off the largest silver discs! -$5)


Faith or Dream Pendant with dangling charm (sold separately)! Total: $16

"Love Me"- Rectangle with heart charm! Very simple and cute! Customize with your own words!!! Total: $20

"Eternal Love"- Teardrop shaped silver with shell. Customize with your own words! Total: $25

"Fearfully & Wonderfully Made"- 30MM Sterling Silver with Shell. This is my largest pendant and as always, customizable! Total: $35

Initial Charm- This is a blank silver piece with a coin. Customizable up to 3 letters. Total: $10

"OVERCOMER"- Perhaps my favorite piece! This is a copper oval and it clasps in front. Customize with your own phrase! Total: $20


"Made In U.S." Dog Tag! This makes me laugh every time!!! Choose between girl or boy charm. Total: $20

Single boy or girl charm with up to FOUR letters. Total: $16 - to add more charms $5 each

For all of you breastfeeding or AP moms! A necklace that lets the world know you're not ashamed to tote your tot. "Baby Wearer" necklace! Choose between girl or boy charm. Total: $25

"I'm Pregnant" Pendant has a beautiful shell background (-$5 if you prefer it without shell). Total: $30

"Children-n-Charm" Pendant is customizable up to three names/charms. Total: $30

Copper Pendant with Silver Child Charm. Customize it with a name on the copper or with an initial (up to four letters) on the child charm! Total: $12

"DUE IN" Pendant is customizable to the month your baby is due! Perfect gift for a new expectant parent. Total: $16

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me at! Please note that each pendant design is priced separately.
Designed by Lena